January 31, 2010
by Concert Band

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Volunteer Groups
For more than 15 years the CCB has benefitted from thousands of hours of volunteer time, energy and enthusiasm aimed at ensuring that residents of Clarington enjoy live music. This is your opportunity to join the CCB volunteer team, make new friends, support your community and be a part of the excitement of preparing for and attending concerts and fundraising events. Donate your office skills, use your artistic talent to design event programs, or help with concert promotion. The tasks can be year-long or only for one event.

Become a CCB volunteer today! Call 905-697-8956 or send an e-mail to claringtonconcertband@yahoo.ca and let us know your interests.

Concert Day Volunteers
On the day of each concert there are a number of tasks which contribute to the success of the event:

  • Carrying and setting up equipment
  • Stage set up
  • Ticket sellers
  • Ushers/distributing programs
  • Post concert packing and clean-up.

Library Support
The maintainance of the CCB music library is an ongoing job. Scores need to be put in order and replaced in the library cupboards and new music must be numbered stamped and catalogued. All volunteers will work under the direction of the Band Librarian.

Community Volunteer Hours for Students
Forty hours of community service is a secondary school diploma requirement. As a non-profit community based organization, the CCB is a place where students can earn those credits either as a musician or in a non-music role.

Public Relations
We always need volunteers to help us with publicizing concert events and delivering and putting up posters is perhaps the most import pre-concert task.

The band’s existence depends in large measure on the generosity of patrons and members of the community. Raised funds are used for:

  • The purchase of new music
  • Facility rental for rehearsal and storage
  • Purchase and repair of equipment
  • Music Director’s honorarium

If you have skills or talents in any of these areas, put them to use in an organization that serves its community.

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